Post Note Body Edited By Date Options
37798 10429.2 Cum (deleted) pikajko122 June Revert
64192 11934.1 Ah... Ah phyasm June Revert
64193 11933.1 Fufu... phyasm June Revert
64193 11932.1 ...Yes, Mistress Kurumi phyasm June Revert
13180 1646.2 Alright, raise your hips a bit. Mrnoone1 June Revert
64193 11931.1 And now, Eve... You are my slave... phyasm June Revert
38334 11930.1 an ghost13 June Revert
65742 11929.1 I let loose my seed, with no concern for the consequences. darsh June Revert
65742 11928.1 After spending the day preparing them... darsh June Revert
65742 11926.2 they can't even recognize the state of their own bodies. darsh June Revert
65742 11927.3 With their common sense altered and wearing a vibrator... darsh June Revert
65742 11925.2 I hypnotized the entire school using my Quirk. darsh June Revert
65742 11927.2 Tampering with common sense and attaching a vibe... TheHypnoticShadow June Revert
65742 11927.1 Tampering with common sense nad attaching a vibe... TheHypnoticShadow June Revert
65742 11926.1 I can not recognize the condition of my own body TheHypnoticShadow June Revert
65742 11925.1 With my personality I applied powerfull hypnosis to the whole school TheHypnoticShadow June Revert
48770 7650.2 Wild Hypno's Hypnotism! pninja123 June Revert
48770 11924.1 Elisa can't move! pninja123 June Revert
65301 11923.1 More ♥ Fill me up, Hypno-sama ♥ Mess with my brain until I can never go back~~! ♥♥♥ Ooh ♥ I'm cumming..! ♥ Cum inside me again ♥ I'm cumminggg~! ♥♥♥ Every time Hypno-sama... every time master makes me cum, I can feel myself becoming his property~! ♥ I'm so happy~~! ♥♥♥ Muddle June Revert
65301 11922.1 I-Incredible ♥ Amazing hypno-cock ♥ So wonderfulll ♥♥♥ I don't care about grass types anymore ♥ From now on I'm a cock sleeve only for psychics... ♥ I swear right now to serve only Hypno-samaaa ♥♥♥ Muddle June Revert
65300 11921.1 Every time my logic screams "run away!", this str~o~ng hypnotism overwrites my consciousness... ...I've never seen such a clever Hypno! I think I want to look after him forev... er... ♥...? Muddle June Revert
65300 11920.1 I heard a rumour saying there was a strange Pokemon deep in the forest and came to investigate, but... To think there was a Hypno planning to turn humans into living sex dolls...? It was just lying in wait...! Huh?! Muddle June Revert
62553 11323.2 grabbed (deleted) bugmenot June Revert
62553 11324.2 planted (deleted) bugmenot June Revert
61429 11042.2 am I doing Bloodstar June Revert