absurdres breasts caption_only clothed_exposure ella_(manipper) femdom groping hypnotic_breasts idolmaster_cinderella_girls looking_at_viewer madarao_56 manip mika_jougasaki panties pov pov_sub sexuality_change text the_idolm@ster underwear

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Had no luck finding the source on this one. It came from a Discord with a lot of hentai around. This is forced bi but I don't really see a tag on that on the site so.. Didn't know if I should put it. It's a bit more mean, more actions forced that some might be uncomfortable with (forced bi mainly) but that had me spend more time on the script this time around, since forced bi is hot in my eyes, but it has to be done right. Hopefully some of you enjoy~
Found the source/artist since it seemed familiar. The tag you're looking is sexuality_change, so I added that while I was at it.
Whelp, this ticks most of the boxes for me. Excellent manip!
I want to meet a girl like that so badly... hnng.
What’s that tag for super huge resolutions again?
crimsonthekiller said:
What’s that tag for super huge resolutions again?
I believe absurdres; though in this case it might be deargodmycompterisdyingwhywouldyoudothistomeres